The vision of Children’s Heritage Foundation is to see disadvantaged communities benefit from transformational development through tangible acts of love.

Our vision compels us to act. CHF strives to improve the holistic wellbeing of children, rooted in community, by specifically emphasizing physical, mental and spiritual development. Together with our partners, we hope to create environments that exceed the basic needs of children, recognizing their inherent dignity, and giving them the gift of play again.  


Physical Needs

A child’s physical health is a high priority for a better future. We work with our partners to provide a wide range of physical aid. Nourishing food, clean water and access to medical care are just a start. We long to see all kids wearing clothes, sleeping on beds and living in safe shelter. Kids are expected to do daily chores, exercise and play.

Mental Needs

Education is the key to a more secure future. Our desire is for children to attend and thrive in school. From preschool through University, we want kids to receive a quality education. We also encourage older students to enter into vocational school where they learn valuable, employable skills. We recognize the value of culture. Therefore, children are raised by caregivers of their own culture, in their own country, learning the ways and rhythms of their own people.

Spiritual Needs

Ultimately, to know the love of Christ changes one’s life and future in ways that CHF cannot. We connect our work to local churches to ensure that children are learning about the love of Jesus and what it means to follow him wholeheartedly with their lives.


A Little History…

Since 2005, CHF has had a heart for Uganda. Founded by a family who wanted to make a difference in the lives of children in impoverished areas, we were introduced to and began partnering with a local pastor in Uganda.  Through the help and vision of both of these people, we purchased 4 acres of land and built a boarding school that now educates nearly 850 students and provides housing for close to 400 of those. In 2008 we installed 2 clean water wells in the local community and purchased over 200 acres of farmland to be used for growing coffee, rice, beans, potatoes and corn. 2010 marked our introduction to another pastor in Gulu and our efforts to help resettle the village of Guru Guru by clearing land for a community soccer field, starting a child sponsorship program and beginning construction on a primary school. As projects continue in these areas, we recently purchased land as a first step in our Wakiso Village project and have constructed the first of 3 children’s homes on this property.

In the summer of 2010, following the earthquake, CHF began working in Haiti.  We were introduced to Good Rest Home, a campus of nearly 100 orphaned kids living in tents and makeshift shelters. Through our ongoing partnership with the leadership at Good Rest Home, we have secured food donations, installed a clean water filtration system, constructed dorms and bathrooms, installed solar powered lights and began vocational training in sewing and construction. We began another project in the community of Merger and built a 3 room primary school. Our child sponsorship program provides funds for the children in both of these areas to attend school.


In 2015, we celebrated 10 years of work in Uganda and 5 in Haiti.  We are thankful for the good things being done and look forward to many more years of blessings in these countries.


Steve Denney; Director                                                      

Board of Directors
Cammie Miller

Kim Rau

Janelle Ruge

Bill Shadden


Jackson; Director

Noreen; Accountant

Sylvia; Social Worker

Maggie; Social Worker

Mark; Social Worker

Stephen; Pastor in Guru Guru

Godwin; Wakiso Project Coordinator

Sherlie; Director

Dominican Republic
Joel; Pastor