What does it mean to sponsor a child?

Sponsorship means investing in the life and future of a disadvantaged child through financial contribution.© Ali Denney_ALI7355

What does it cost?
The cost to sponsor a child is $35 a month or $420 a year.

Where does the money go?
Your contribution will be pooled into a general account that will assure your sponsored child receives the care and support that Children’s Heritage Foundation promises. Money is not given directly to the child. The foundation operates with the highest level of integrity. Finances are monitored very closely using the highest accounting practices and regular audits.

What do the children receive?
For just $35 a month, a sponsored child receives the following: 3 nutritious meals each day, quality education (tuition, books, uniform), stable housing, clothes, access to health care, weekly allowance, special gifts at Christmas and an assigned social worker who is assigned to promote and ensure the welfare of that child.

How can I pay?
You can elect to pay monthly or annually. We accept all major credit cards. We encourage you to pay annually as it helps to reduce our administration costs to ensure that even more funds reach the sponsored children.
For more information, call us at 858-481-1389, or email us at [email protected].

Can I send gifts?
Yes, gifts can be sent directly to your child but there are some guidelines. If you’d like to send a gift, please call us at 858-481-1389, or email us at [email protected].

Can I contact my child?
Yes, you may contact your child but only through written letters. For the protection of the children and our program, none of your personal contact information is to be shared including your address, phone number and email.

What can I expect as a sponsor?
As a sponsor, you can expect regular communication from your child and Children’s Heritage Foundation including: personal letters, school report cards, updated photos and updates from the social worker. You will also receive newsletters and program updates from Children’s Heritage Foundation. Most importantly, you can be confident that you will make a life-changing difference in the life of a child.

What makes Children’s Heritage Foundation unique?
Key areas that set us apart:
•We operate with the highest levels of integrity and transparency assuring that resources are being used according to the purposes for which they’ve been given.
•We value our relationships with our donors. You will get to know us and your sponsored child very well through frequent contact and communication.

Is sponsorship tax deductible?
Child sponsorship payments are fully tax deductible. You will receive an official tax statement at the end of the year, showing your tax-deductible donations made to Children’s Heritage Foundation. If you donate to Children’s Heritage Foundation using cash, check, or money order, and have not requested to receive a tax statement, please use the receipts issued to you throughout the year for tax deduction purposes.

Is your website secure?
Yes. All of our online forms use full security encryption.