“Team Phenom” is a strategic partnership between U.S. student athletes, schools and sports teams who become “Teammates” with Ugandan student/athletes. The goal is to support the educational and athletic development of the Ugandan student/athletes, helping to secure a better future for them and their communities.  The story of how this program began is incredible, you can read more about the history of Team Phenom and the original Teammates here.  You can also find more to the story on our facebook page.  We have so many great photos, get to know the team, see their court and watch them in action.


Unlike need based or performance based “scholarships” in the U.S., there is no similar assistance for the Ugandan student/athlete seeking to build a better life.

It costs approximately:
$600 dollars per year for a student athlete to receive vocational training to develop a marketable skill.
$1500 dollars per year for a student athlete to receive University level education in Uganda.
$450 dollars per year for a student athlete to attend secondary school.
$200 dollars per year per player to compete in the Ugandan organized amateur basketball leagues.

The Teammates program seeks to subsidize the above costs to enable these players to succeed both in basketball and in life.

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