Haiti Internship: Abby H.

“When I was fourteen, I took my first trip to Haiti, and it changed my heart.  Now I’m preparing to spend a full year living in Haiti to love and care for the people I adore so greatly.  Nothing holds my heart quite like Haiti does.  It amazes me that God chose me to join him in loving the people of Haiti.  The simple understanding of missions trips is to go and help those in need, but I’ve found the greatest way to be missionary is to come with God and to love with Him.  I love that He doesn’t just send us alone, by he invites us to join him. My main goal over the past 6 years, and going into this new year of my life, has been to carry out what I preach.  I always share with the kids that God’s love is always for them, with them and is never ending.  I intend to prove that by using my love, calling and life to the fullest.  Haiti is like nowhere else, the people at Good Rest are like no one else.  I am amazed that I have the privilege to love, and be loved, by these people.  Your support means more than you know.  Thank you for your love, prayers and donations.”




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