Happy Belly Food Fund

One donation.  One year.  500 Happy Bellies.

Every day in the developing world, 66 million primary-school aged children attend school hungry.

Nearly half of all deaths in children under 5 are due to poor nutrition.            -World Food Programme Fact Sheet


At CHF, we believe every child must eat.  Not only eat to be full, but eat to be healthy.  The crops grown on local farms and the food donations we receive are still not enough to achieve this goal for the children in our program.  This campaign aspires to raise $10,000 to feed 500 kids in 3 of our program areas for 1 year.  CHF will cover all transaction fees.   That means 100% of your one-time donation will go to food, helping to alleviate the pain of hunger in children across the globe.

Join us in making 500 happy bellies.

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