Changing Lives One Stitch At A Time

Threads of Hope is changing the way young people see their future in Haiti and Uganda.


“Our goal is to help stop the cycle of poverty, that is so pervasive in these countries, by providing skills development and training in business practices.  We want to see these young people growing in confidence and thriving.”

–Cammie Miller

Founder and Director of Threads of Hope



This grassroots program began out of the desire to give a small group of young men and women at Good Rest Home in Haiti an opportunity to better themselves.  These young adults had a lot of free time on their hands and very few attended school.  This pattern of behavior would only continue the cycle of poverty that has plagued generation after generation in this area.

Threads of Hope was born out of the desire to bring change that would break this cycle.  A seamstress was hired to teach sewing, developing a skill that can lead to future income.  Students in the 18 month program began sewing simple purses that were sold to people on mission trips and at local events in the States.  As skills improved they started on more challenging items, now sewing all of the school uniforms for the children at Good Rest Home.


Threads of Hope desires for program graduates to have skills that can lead to a sustainable income.  Recent graduates have opened small businesses in the community, fostering a sense of hope and accomplishment.  Due to the success of the program in Haiti, Threads of Hope has been expanded to Africa.  We’re excited to have added purses and aprons, made in Uganda, to our product line.  These young people in Haiti and Uganda have been given the hope for a much brighter future.



100% of the proceeds from all purse and apron sales go back into the program to support economic development in these countries.  At Threads of Hope we take a holistic approach, fostering not only economic self-sufficiency, but nurturing the emotional and spiritual growth of the young people in our program.  We are a non-profit business dedicated to improving the economic conditions in the places we serve.  Please visit us at  You can also follow us on Instagram @threadsofhopeint.