“…I witnessed in action what $35 a month does for a child in Uganda.”

“June 15, 2014 will be a date I will never forget. It marks the date of the beginning of an incredible journey; one that would forever change my life and how I live it; one that I am still on. It is the day I set out to Uganda, Africa, with CHF. I had never been on a missions trip and, in God’s amazing sense of humor, my first missions trip would be 1/2 way around the world to a country so foreign to me I had to look on a map to see where in Africa it actually was. I was invited to go by someone that was more of an acquaintance at the time and, to be honest, I thought she was a little out of her mind for asking me. I humored her by going to have lunch with her and to take a look at some of her pictures.  There was a picture she showed me of a group of young Ugandan kids praying fervently on the red dirt of their school known as Victor’s.

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I’m not sure what exactly it was about that particular picture, but all I know is that it moved me to tears and compelled me to get on an airplane to Uganda 2 months later.

After arriving in Uganda our team and I drove from the airport to the city of Mukono. The entire hour of that drive I was mesmerized by the country’s beauty, but especially the many faces of the children I saw roaming the streets. I knew each child’s face I saw had a story, and I knew I would never know all of them. But in that moment, it was very important to me to learn some of the stories of the kids I was going to be with for the next 2 weeks.

Our team was painting the first children’s home in a remote village outside of Mukono, named Wakiso. It was there that I met the little souls that would turn my entire life upside down and show me an eternal perspective; a way to experience the Kingdom of God in simple, tangible ways.

It’s here that I learned and witnessed in action what $35 a month does for a child in Uganda. Each child’s story is unique.  I saw that, for some kids who were completely orphaned, being sponsored meant a home, a house mom, clothes, food, clean water, medical aid and education.  For others who still had family, but came from very little, it meant food, clean water, clothes, medical aid and education. It absolutely blew my mind how something so little to me in America as $35, was literally changing lives in Uganda.

I have never sponsored a child before.  I have always been a little cautious and questioning where, if at all, my money was going in relation to the child I sponsor.  After seeing first-hand how CHF is using the funds and how it is tangibly transforming the future of a village, I stopped questioning and jumped on board.  I now sponsor two girls in Wakiso and have been a huge advocate for the entire Wakiso Sponsorship program.

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My family and friends join me in sponsoring 22 other kids in Wakiso.  It is amazing.  Going to Uganda and witnessing how sponsorship is making a difference in the lives of these children and village of Wakiso I realize that I am not just giving money to help kids survive, I’m committing to sharing in the beauty of hope.”

–Aimee, sponsor since 2014