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“I will forever hold in my heart their first meeting.”


“Our first trip to Haiti was the summer of 2011. We were already sponsoring one child – Miche. Our daughter Molly Rae initiated this process and was excited to meet her Haitian brother. I will forever hold in my heart their first meeting.

As we emptied out of the truck at Good Rest Mission, we were surrounded by children. It was beautiful and overwhelming. I kept an eye on my daughter as I watched her search the group of children for Miche. She had a photo of him, but there were probably 40+ children surrounding us.  Then it happened.  I watched as her face transitioned from a broad smile to a peaceful grin. I followed her eyes across the crowd and there he stood, staring back at her.  Both of them immediately broke into tears, and just stood there staring and crying. After a moment, they made their way towards each other. Any doubt or reservation I had about making this trip was erased. The Lord provided me with a front row seat to His miracle. I am forever thankful to witness that first meet. Molly Rae and Miche spent the majority of that week in a constant hug with lots of laughter. We have traveled back to Haiti several times, and I will never tire of watching Molly Rae and Miche spend time together – laughing, hugging, praying, or just sitting quietly together.

We have sponsored a couple of other children at Good Rest Mission since our first visit.  Through God’s provision, we visit them as often as possible.Our heart to sponsor children in Haiti is more than the desire to help support their education, food plan and medical needs. Although all critical reasons, the most compelling reason is our desire to intentionally connect with the children. When we sponsor a child, we reaffirm how important they are in God’s eyes and secondly in ours. When we sponsor a child, we remind them that they are noticed

Miche and Molly Rae 2014

and loved deeply.  When we sponsor a child, they experience how wonderful it feels to be that special someone in another’s life.  Our family prays daily for these beautiful children.  We pray that they consistently feel the love of our Lord. We pray for their physical needs and we pray that all of the children experience what it is like to be that special someone.”

—Darlene, sponsor since 2011