Let our hearts be broken by the things that break the heart of God...

The work of chf begins here:

We partner with indigenous leaders overseas who are already in the midst of doing good work within their own communities.  

We come alongside churches, schools and individuals, providing a platform to experience transformational development first hand through these global partnerships. 




Child sponsorship is an integral part of our work.  In pairing a sponsor with a specific child, we are able to provide the child with food, clothing, education and medical care, in addition to giving both sponsor and child a relational connection unlike any other.  As a result, the children not only get education, daily meals and shelter, but also know that they are cared for and loved.  

Our program functions as a sustenance program.  It is crafted in a way that offers much needed assistance to families in poverty, without creating a cycle of dependence.  

To read more about the children in our program and how to become a sponsor, click the button below. 


We strive to create a significant, life-changing experience for you and your team.  Whatever your skills are, you can be a part of something great and know that a child's home, community and life will be improved as you demonstrate love in tangible ways.  

We handle all of the travel details from the time you arrive to the time you return home.  Additionally, each of our trips include training and a handbook to help you prior to, during, and after your trip.  A trip with us will not only leave a lasting impact in the people and the community you serve, it will ignite life transformation in you.  

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We realize that sometimes it is just easier to give money.  At CHF, we consider giving money a very tangible way to love others.  We take your donations very seriously and promise to put your dollars to life-changing use.  We are always looking for new and unique ways to help those in need, and, quite frankly, all of those ways rely on funds.  Whether through a short term, project-specific fundraiser or a long term initiative, there is no limit to the number of ways you can donate to CHF.  

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