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PROJECT UPDATE:  Thanks to a few generous donors and an ongoing partnership with Rock Harbor Orange, this project has been fully funded.  We are so excited to watch these walls go up and know that very soon, kids will be starting classes in these classrooms.  Huge thanks to Rock Harbor for their heart to give and the time and money invested in this project!


Background: At the epicenter of the war torn area of Northern Uganda, lies the village of Guru Guru.  As part of our resettlement project in this village, a nursery and primary school is being built.  In June 2013, 5 classrooms were completed and nearly 250 students now cram the benches in order to soak up everything they can from their teachers.  In an area where more than half of these children’s parents are illiterate,  education breathes life into this community.  In June of 2014, a team of Ugandans and Americans alike laid the foundation for the next wing of 3 classrooms.