Past Updates from Children’s Heritage Foundation’s recent trips and missions.

2015 Update


  • Built a two-story room addition to the Destiny House in Mukono, Uganda (rooms will be used for leadership training, woodworking and cooking)
  • Erected a fence creating a safe play area for children in Wakiso, Uganda
  • Purchased land as a first step for our Wakiso Project
  • Constructed and opened two classrooms at the Guru Guru primary school Guru Guru, Uganda
  • sponsored 30 new kids in Guru Guru
  • Led age appropriate discipleship classes for children, youth and adults
  • Constructed a 3 room primary school in Merger, Haiti
  • Constructed a Director’s home at Good Rest Orphanage in Croix des Bouquets, Haiti
  • Painted
  • Shared the tangible love of Jesus through Vacation Bible School and distribution of food and hygiene products


  • 1st trip to Merger, Haiti
  • child sponsorship begins in Merger, Haiti
  • Purchase of land and construction begin at Merger School
  • Installed water purification at Good Rest Home
  • Threads of Hope expands to Guru-Guru
  • Construction of new school in Guru-Guru begins


  • Child Sponsorship begins in Haiti
  • 1st mission trip to Guru-Guru, Uganda
  • Child Sponsorship begins in Guru-Guru
  • Medical clinic to Haiti
  • Threads of Hope opens for business in Haiti – sewing and selling handbags
  • Construction of Dorm rooms begin at Good Rest


  • Exploratory trip to Haiti, following the tragic earthquake leads to partnership with Good Rest Home in Croix Des Bouquets.
  • 1st mission trip to Haiti


  • Built clean water system and distribution in DR
  • Medical clinic to Uganda


  • Dug clean water well at Victors School
  • Shipped over $700,000 of medical supplies to Uganda
  • Purchased 3 farms, over 200 acres, in Uganda to grow coffee, rice, beans, potatoes, corn


  • 1st mission trip to Mukono Uganda
  • Child Sponsorship in Mukono begins
  • Women of Destiny begin making bead Jewelry
  • 1st mission trip to the Dominican Republic


  • Purchase of 4 acres in Mukono, Uganda
  • Construction of Victors Junior Christian School begins


  • Children’s Heritage Foundation was founded in November 2005 with the purpose of building a legacy of helping some of the most vulnerable populations in the world, including children and families. We believe that all children deserve an equal chance at education, medical attention, food, shelter, and faith.