Children's Heritage Foundation
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It all started...

IN 2005, with the heart of a family that wanted to make a difference in the lives of children in impoverished areas.  At that time, we were introduced to and began partnering with a local pastor in Uganda.  Through the help and vision of both our founder and this pastor,  the inaugural work of CHF began with a 4 acre purchase of land and the construction of a boarding school.  That initial venture led to a unique bond with the Ugandan culture and a lifelong friendship with our brothers and sisters in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

FAST FORWARD 10+ YEARS and we have seen phenomenal things done to help alleviate the suffering of the worlds' poor.  We currently have 4 regional projects in 2 countries, Haiti and Uganda.  We have built 5 schools, purchased nearly 300 acres of land for farming, constructed 5 clean water wells/water purification systems and sponsored over 350 children. More than 150 people travel with us each year to participate in the work we are doing and to stand hand in hand, face to face with our partners and friends overseas.

And it changes us all. We never imagined the beauty that would come out of one heartbeat, one chance meeting, one financial step of faith, one child interview…but we are thrilled to keep walking along the road and doing everything we possibly can to transform and tangibly love communities in need.


Our Team

Our board, staff and volunteers are caring, passionate and full of integrity.  We wouldn't be the organization we are without them.

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Pastor Hibu
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