Good Rest Home and School


Completed Projects at Good Rest:

  • drinking water filtration system

  • primary school

  • girls + boys dormitories

  • bathrooms with running water

  • directors home

  • gazebos + picnic tables

  • playground

IN 2010 a 7.0 magnitude earthquake ravaged Haiti leaving the country in shambles and immediately launching CHF into action. After intense visits to discern need and project longevity, we were led to the community of Croix-des-Bouquets, and to a struggling orphanage called Good Rest Home.  The small 1 acre property is home to 60 children, and includes a church and school.  All of which were destroyed in the earthquake.  

6 MONTHS after the earthquake, we had a team in Haiti to begin our work of transformational development.  Since that first trip, we have built dormitories, bathrooms, playground and multiple covered areas for the kids to gather for homework and meals. The church and school, crushed by the quake into a mound of rubble and rebar, has now been rebuilt and is fully operational. Development projects are constantly ongoing, including training in English, sewing and construction.  We host an annual conference for both adults and youth and each spring take 100 kids to the beach for a day of play.

In this place, the impact of 8 years of committed help is tangible. We now feel hopeful for what the future might hold.
— Sherlie, social worker and child advocate, Good Rest Home

IN 2018 we constructed and opened a library and the children are able to supplement school based education by spending their spare time reading books in Creole, French and English.

CURRENTLY Good Rest is one or our more complex projects.  Unlike our other programs that function as assistance programs, CHF funds 100% of the needs of every child living at Good Rest and we have a very significant and active on-site leadership role. We are thankful for all that has happened so far and believe, soon, Good Rest will be a beautiful place where neighboring families want their kids to grow up.