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Director, Steve Denney, with village child in Uganda

Director, Steve Denney, with village child in Uganda


I count it an incredible privilege to travel with and
work alongside my wife, Ali, several churches, schools, businesses and countless individuals carrying out the mission of Children’s Heritage Foundation. Additionally, we have been blessed to meet some amazing people overseas; people that have become dear friends and family.

Though CHF is involved in a variety of projects in both Haiti and Uganda, the focus is clear. We work towards transformational development through tangible acts of love.

I believe what we do at CHF is very close to the heart of God - lives are being changed! Enjoy the following pages as we tell stories, cast vision and reacquaint you with the heartbeat of CHF. 2016 was an exceptional year! Thanks for joining me in this work. 

CHF exists to transform communities through tangible acts of love.  We work tirelessly to make this happen.

We also work as hard as we possibly can to ask people to join with us in this incredible journey.  There is no better choice you can make with your life than helping others.  As a pastor I know that giving our lives for something bigger than ourselves is the most amazing and utterly life changing experience.  Something that brings joy to the heart of God.

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Steve Denney
Executive Director, Mentor