Children's Heritage Foundation

Transformational Development.

TRANSFORM. Growing up in extreme poverty significantly affects the lives of children. Sadly, many believe the lie that they have little value as a person and have nothing of value to offer others. This is, perhaps, the greatest barrier to breaking the cycle of poverty. This is why the work of transformation matters. We believe that all people have incredible value and all are gifted in beautiful and unique ways to bless others. The work of development begins with transformation.

DEVELOP. Without education, vocational skills or personal support,  many people find it nearly impossible to break the cycle of dependence that is so deeply rooted in areas of poverty.  At CHF, we want to see people succeed in what they do, pay for things out of their own pocket and feel like a thriving member of their community.  Out of that desire, we work closely with local staff to determine what will be the most transformative projects for each community.  We embed in these communities for long periods of time, working on multi-phased projects that are constantly expanding.  We strive to buy local, hire local and train local in an effort to boost the local economy and teach trade skills that are sustainable and that can be passed down through generations.  

Our projects create unique business ventures with local entrepreneurs to promote well being and success in their families and communities. Thus far, we have had the privilege of partnering with locals in areas of coffee farming, safari/driving tour business, woodworking + welding training, masonry, construction and tailoring.